In a general sense, men were perceived as tuxedoed-wolf who have insatiable sexual desire than girls. This statement is now just a myth due to the Voucher Codes’ revelation. According to the research, 59% of women require more sex than men. More than 2,300 joined the survey in the study whose ages is over 18 in the United Kingdom.

Men vs. Women’s Brain explained

Men and women’s brain works in different ways.  Male’s brain is strategic, task-oriented and mechanistic. While this doesn’t implies that women can’t be task-oriented or strategic, but these attributes are likely for male.

Their left brain houses the dopamine, a neurotransmitter. It is the one responsible once you engage in an activity. It gives good feelings such as motivated, passionate and many more to get the job done.

On the other hand, female brain is more curious, sensual, emotional and creative. In a female brain, you can find serotonin, the so-called happy hormone. But the problem is, our body can’t raise its own serotonin level. It can be raised only by external factors, specifically positive review from relatives and friends and environment.

It’s vital that you know this since serotonin can boost dopamine level.

Here’s the nerve-cracking fact – while women are more of right-brained, men reportedly have 50% more receptors for serotonin than females have. This just means that women require more affection and love to obtain the same happiness level as men. They need more uplifting words down the road to produce the same neurochemical cascade.

If a woman feels loved, nourished and cared for, then no doubt that she’ll persistently ask for sex due to the serotonergic burst happening inside her brain.

Here are more reasons why;

Reason #1 –Sex can make women younger than their age.

Royal Edinburg Hospital situated in Scotland revealed that old individuals who are fond of making love with their spouse/partner, (about four times every week), look  around 7 to 12 years younger than their real age. During the experimentation, scientists evaluated the participants by means of one-waymirror and predicted their ages.

They discovered that during sex hormones such as estrogen were released, making women bloom and look youthful. In case you don’t know, estrogen is responsible in providing women supple skin and bouncy hair.

Reason #2 – Sex has the ability to normalize your menstrual cycle.

A group of endocrinologist from Stanford and Columbia exposed that those who get laid at least every week have better menstrual cycle than those who have less frequency doing the dirty deeds.

Reason #3 – Sex can keep your partner committed.

Based on a 2012 research, it figured out that the oxytocin, a hormone which creates the feeling for affection, is usually common in men after their sexy time. It is the oxytocin which pushes men who are in a committed relationship not to chase for another potential partner.

Hence, let’s be thankful that oxytocin exists!

Whether you are currently in a relationship or dating for quite some time now, always remember that women and their unpredictable mood swings deserves a hardworking and loving partner.

And for girls out there, don’t forget to show your appreciation to men!

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