A genuine relationship deserves time, love, effort and commitment. It is meant to be long-term and steady with constant growth and development.

Mutual trust is also important for sustaining the relationship. But not all relationship can last longer. Loss of trust, discontentment and other issues may take place that may lead to an ended relationship. But there are still some who find ways to resolve the problem and re-establish the trust.

Healthy relationships are built on the foundation of secure attachments. But not all relationship is perfect. Some relationship has a beautiful beginning, but some have painful ending. Conflicts will now start to rise and test the strength of their relationship. Breakup somehow becomes an alternative option. However, a lot of people end their relationship due to misunderstanding and lack of communication, while other couples are not aware of the causes that can possibly kill their relationship.

Thus, here are some factors that you might consider in order to comprehend why some relationships have ended unhappily;

Lack Of Communication

Having a good communication between couples brings them more closely and helps them to avoid or solve some misunderstanding. It is a way of expressing love. To solve a problem and stop the doubt, then have that courage in discussing with your partner of the things that need to be clarified.

Decreased Sex Drive

When sex is missing or sexual desire becomes dull, couples may exemplify the problem in ways that can devastate the relationship. If your sexual desire becomes low, know the possible physical causes by seeing your doctor first. Once you determined the physical grounds, you may want to consult a sex therapist to explore the underlying issues.


No matter how strong a relationship is, it can be destroyed by becoming unfaithful to your partner. Relationship is about trust. How can you continuously enjoy relationship if it became once broken? What is a relationship if full of lies and deceitfulness? When your partner becomes unfaithful, it destroys your confidence and you can no longer give 100% of your trust. Temptations are everywhere, so it is up to the couples how stronger and trustworthy they are.

Financial Disagreement

You can always hear news about couples ended their relationship because of money. There is no middle ground when it comes to money. Disagreements over financial responsibilities or monetary investments can cause tension in a relationship. Though it is not the main reason for killing a relationship, it is one factor.


There are some couples who anticipate that when they get in-love and live together, they will find out their incompatibility. Compatibility matters in every relationship to build a strong bond. Although, this doesn’t mean people must be similar in everything. Some couples may have different likes and dislikes, and yet they still manage to stay happy and have a meaningful life together.


A relationship with addiction will certainly bring chaos and discontentment. Addiction may either be overuse of drugs, alcohol or gambling. It can be more complicated if combined with physical or emotional abuse.

The above-mentioned factors are just a few of the several reasons why a relationship ends with separation. But in case you’re still willing to save your relationship, willingness to discuss the issue and seeking a good counsellor is the best decision.

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